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     I was critically ill when I was younger, in and out of hospitals and confined to bed and a life of prescription drugs for many years.  Even as a child, I became fed up with ineffective treatments and tired of the side effects of pharmaceuticals and refused to continue. Through a stroke of luck, I ended up at a Chiropractor’s office and they were able to help where standard medicine had not.  That was 1989.  I continued seeing the Chiropractor, learned how to take care of my body and slowly got better. I was so fascinated by the healing arts that I used to follow my Chiropractor around her office, watch her work with people and ask questions.  After a few years of this, she suggested I become a Chiropractor since I was so passionate about it.  That was 1991- and I am still fascinated by the human body and keeping it well.

     I have been a Massage Therapist since 1994 and a Chiropractor since 2002.  Having specialized in Deep Tissue and Orthopedic massage, it was only natural that I began my career as an intern with Dr. John Moore, Chiropractor for the Women’s Olympic Swim Team.  I have a solid background in Chiropractic Sports Management and have worked with many high level athletes, including Olympic gold medalists and prominent NFL players.  In addition to seeing patients at my office in Atwater Village, I often work on location at film/television sets, sound recording studios and backstage at large scale events and on tour with musicians and theatrical productions.  Besides my technical skill, I think my greatest asset is an ability to adapt and work under stressful conditions while maintaining my focus and still providing a soothing treatment for the patient.  I think I have the best job on the planet and estimate to have had my hands on at least 10,000 people so far and I'm not anywhere near done yet.   

Why Kingpin?

king ' pin


1. a vertical pin attached to an axle to serve as the axis for a wheel spindle, so that the wheel may be turned for steering

2. the headpin or the center pin in bowling, tenpins, etc.

3. *****Informal The main or essential person or thing*****

The name "Kingpin Chiropractic" was coined by a patient when I was an intern and it's stuck ever since.  I told a patient I was looking for the 'KINGPIN' and if I could fix that the problem would be taken out at it's roots. Upon hearing this explanation, the patient said,  "Oh, so it's Kingpin Chiropractic".  Yes. Yes, it is.

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Kingpin Chiropractic
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